Staff Engineer - Developer Tooling and Applications

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Schematic is hiring a Staff Engineer with deep experience in TypeScript, Node.js, and React to drive the development of developer tooling and our web application. In this role, you will build TypeScript SDKs, contribute to open source projects, and develop core product features in our React/Node.js application.

Key responsibilities:

  • Design and implement TypeScript SDKs and tooling for the Schematic platform
  • Contribute to and maintain open source projects in the TypeScript/Node.js ecosystem
  • Develop and ship new features in our React/Node.js web application
  • Establish best practices for TypeScript development, documentation, testing, and performance
  • Collaborate closely with the founding team to ensure a best-in-class developer experience
  • Experience with a variety of different language communities and conventions
  • Experience with API documentation tools like OpenAPI

About Schematic:

Schematic is a seed-stage startup funded by the investors behind Salesloft, Calendly, CrowdStrike, Endgame, Pardot, and more. We're building the first feature management tools that go beyond rollout to enable B2B SaaS companies to not only deploy new features but also package them, monetize them, and manage their complete lifecycle (conversion, upgrade, downgrade, churn). We believe B2B SaaS companies should be able to focus on building what's core and unique and use Schematic to easily manage their features from rollout to revenue.

If you're interested, get in touch! hello at schematichq.com

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