SaaS companies love Schematic

“If I could wave a magic wand and build something new, I’d make it easier to change packaging without screwing up billing.”

“It took us 2 years to build this internally, maybe longer.”

“We have delayed a pricing study for 2 years at Automox. We couldn’t action the study in the product, even if we had it.”

“This would have saved us hundreds of thousands of dollars. Fact.”

“80-90% of our portfolio companies can’t implement our pricing or packaging recommendations due to technical constraints.”

“Pretty much the entire problem is abstractable … nothing we built at Calendly was specific to us. Nothing calendar specific.”

“This might be the first product I’ve seen that both CTOs and CROs could love.”

“Schematic promises to abstract the complexity of having to consider customer state when building new value.”

“Think about all the conversations companies simply don’t have because they’ve come to accept the brittleness and the inflexibility. I think Schematic promises paradigm shift in the flexibility it could deliver.”

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